Nuclear Operations

The SFO Nuclear Operations office is responsible for direction, day-to-day oversight and contract administration activities regarding safe nuclear operations in support of mission objectives.

The Assistant Manager for Nuclear Operations will provide assistance, direction, guidance, oversight, and evaluation of safety software at Defense Nuclear Facilities. SFO Nuclear Operations is responsible for the planning, implementation, and operations at Sandia National Laboratories’ (SNL) nuclear facilities to ensure programmatic objectives are met.  In addition, SFO Nuclear Operations is responsible for coordinating SFO Price-Anderson Amendments Act activities, for providing oversight for daily operations at the SNL Technical Area V facilities, maintaining a Facility Representative program; serving as the Federal Technical Capabilities Panel Agent, supporting the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board, providing oversight of maintenance for nuclear facilities, and for supporting long term planning of facility operations and mission/program activities. 

The Assistant Manager for Nuclear Operations provides directions for ensuring satisfactory development of the safety basis requirements for all SNL nuclear facilities and high hazard non-nuclear facilities and for criticality safety for all SNL facilities with fissionable materials.