The SFO Programs office is responsible for direction, day-to-day oversight and contract administration activities in support of the technical activities at Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) that are funded from sources external to NNSA Defense Programs.  Specifically, these programs include: Work for Others (WFO) which includes both Other Federal Agencies and Non-Federal Sponsors; Department of Homeland Security (DHS); Non-NNSA DOE Offices (Offices of Science, Nuclear Energy, Energy Efficiency, Fossil Energy, etc.); Technology Partnerships; and Technology Deployment Centers/User Facilities (both Congressional designated and NNSA approved).

The Programs office also provides federal oversight for the following NNSA programs:  Defense Nuclear Non-Proliferation (NA-20) and Laboratory Directed Research and Development.  For NNSA Nuclear Weapon Programmatic, the Programs office support includes ensuring site readiness to respond to new requirements and support of NNSA production readiness policies; Directed Stockpile Work, Campaign, and Readiness in Technical Base Facilities oversight, support of the planning and execution processes through identification of site issues and impacts to priorities established by NNSA Program Managers; ensuring appropriate site level coverage of program in SNL budget documents; providing product status, validation of management systems, and design/production interface.

The Programs office also coordinates and facilitates resolution of nuclear weapon complex, cross-platform, cross-laboratory, and long-term issues involving SNL support to other sites, including the Integrated Weapons Activity Plan. In addition, the Programs office resolves competing requirements not resolved at a lower level for resources affecting SNL support to the nuclear weapons complex.  The Programs office ensures the SNL processes for tracking potential weapon safety issues to closure are functioning and results are being disseminated to all potentially affected NNSA sites.