Safeguards & Security

The SFO Safeguards and Security (S&S) office is responsible for providing direction, day-to-day oversight and contract administration for all Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) activities related to S&S and Intelligence.

S&S provides oversight to ensure the effective implementation of the overall SNL S&S program to include the following: program management, protection program operations, nuclear material control and accountability, information security and personnel security. S&S performs comprehensive compliance and performance based monitoring and evaluation of the contractor’s safeguards and security program effectiveness through the conduct of surveys and performance testing across all topics and sub-topics.

In addition, S&S evaluates the effectiveness of the contractor’s protection plan and strategies in comparison to the current Design Basis Threat and site-specific vulnerability assessments.  The Assistant Manager for S&S provides programmatic input to assist the Assistant Manager for Contract Administration and Business Management with the formulation and execution oversight of the safeguards and security budget.  S&S is also responsible for the approval of the SNL Site Safeguards and Security plan and other pertinent security plans.