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Media Room

NNSA's Office of Congressional, Intergovernmental, and Public Affairs regularly updates the web site with current press releases, newsletters, fact sheets and other documents that highlight some of NNSA's current activity in areas such as nuclear nonproliferation and defense programs.

Congressional Testimony

NNSA officials frequently testify before Congressional committees and subcommittees on matters of nuclear and national security.

Fact Sheets

Find out more information about key NNSA programs, initiatives and accomplishments.


NNSA publishes a monthly newsletter featuring current events and activities across the nuclear security enterprise. Online archives are available back to 2003.

Press Releases

The Office of Public Affairs showcases NNSA’s latest news and current events for media outlets around the world.


NNSA officials frequently speak at public events around the world on topics ranging from nuclear security to infrastructure and strategic planning.

Video Gallery

The latest YouTube videos from NNSA headquarters and across the nuclear security enterprise.

Photo Gallery

The latest photos from NNSA headquarters and across the nuclear security enterprise.


Learn more about upcoming events in your community and find out how to request NNSA involvement at your next event.

NNSA Archive Search

Search the entire NNSA archives

Social Media

View NNSA's entire social media posts from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Youtube