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March 2005

March 2005

March 01, 2005

In this issue:

  •  Nations Gather To Help Nuclear Cities Shut Down Remaining Plutonium Production Reactors
  •  New IT Chief Has Wealth of Experience
  •  Livermore Lab Researchers Study Lightning In Florida
  •  Kansas City Plant Cuts Costs, Improves Quality of Chemical Baths With New Monitoring System
  •  Jerry Paul Appoints Two New Staff Members
  •  India Agrees To Partner With Regional Radiological Security Effort of NNSA, IAEA
  •  Service Center Staffer Wins Employee of the Year Award from Careers and the Disabled Magazine
  •  Sandia Designed System has Ability to Destroy Biological Agents and Chemical Warfare Materials
  •  STRATCOM General Visits OST's Western Command at Sandia
  •  Major Construction Completed at SRS Tritium Extraction Facility
  •  Five Los Alamos Physicists Receive Honors
  •  Los Alamos National Laboratory Completes Phase I of Security and Safeguards Upgrades
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