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April 2005

April 2005

April 01, 2005

In this issue:

  •  NNSA's Newest Supercomputer Breaks Record
  •  Brooks Discusses Nuclear Terror
  •  NNSA Employee Awarded Alumni Honor
  •  Congressional Hearings Require Intense Preparation
  •  Pantex Plant Wins Pollution Prevention Awards
  •  Sandia Group Studies Defenses Against Terrorism
  •  NNSA Authorizes Restart of Important Y-12 Facility
  •  LLNL Demonstrates Terrorist Truck-Stopping Technology
  •  LANL Scientist Named Asian American Engineer of the Year
  •  Everet Beckner Resigns DP Post
  •  Former Intern Moving Up in KC
  •  Y-12's Williams to Lead Inter-Laboratory Board
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