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May 2005

May 2005

May 01, 2005

In this issue:

  •  Energy Secretary Bodman Commends Key Milestone In Mixed-Oxide Fuel Program
  •  Brooks Discusses Stockpile of the Future at Hearing
  •  D'Agostino, Hafner to Act in DP
  •  NNSA Service Center Personnel Changes
  •  Brooks Discusses Stockpile of the Future at Hearing
  •  Y-12 Workers Save, Set Bird Free
  •  Pantex Achieves Clean Texas, Cleaner World Partner Status
  •  NNSA Authorizes Restart of the Sandia Annular Core Research Reactor after Recent Upgrades
  •  Successful Los Alamos Experiment Supports Weapon Maintenance with Hydrodynamic Experiments
  •  U.S., Canada Cooperate in Closure of Russian Weapons-Grade Plutonium Production Reactor
  •  Y-12 Leads Effort to Reduce Weapons-Usable Nuclear Material Stockpile
  •  Successful Upgrade Provides Enhanced Power at LANL Building
  •  NNSA Official Addresses Department of Defense Conference
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