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November/December 2003

November/December 2003

December 01, 2003

In this issue:

  •  Stockpile Stewardship Effort is Ten Years Old
  •  NNSA Resumes Tritium Production for First Time in 15 Years
  •  NNSA Signs New Model Contract for Sandia Labs
  •  Camille Yuan-Soo Hoo Enjoys Challenges of Livermore Office
  •  Infrastructure Update: Special Materials Facility at Y-12 Under Construction
  •  NNSA Initiates Cooperative Monitoring Center in Jordan
  •  Calendar Will Help Promote Diversity Awareness
  •  NNSA, WAPA Sign Money Saving Electricity Deal
  •  Awan, Monette Recognized for Service to America
  •  NNSA Special Agents Dominate Air Force Security Force Event
  •  Oak Ridge Accelerator Project on Track
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