Our Operations

NNSA's missions require a secure production and laboratory infrastructure meeting immediate and long term needs. The Associate Administrator for Infrastructure and Operations develops and executes NNSA’s infrastructure investment, maintenance, and operations programs and policies.

Administration Programs

NNSA's Office of Management and Administration’s goal is to create a well-managed, inclusive, responsive, and accountable organization through the strategic management of human capital; enhanced cost-effective utilization of information technology; and greater integration of budget and performance data.

Infrastructure and Environment icon

The Office of Acquisition and Project Management provides the people, systems, and processes that NNSA needs to succeed in the acquisition of both mission capabilities (e.g. capital assets) as well as products and services.

NNSA Office of General Counsel

The NNSA Office of the General Counsel is responsible for the provision of legal services, counsel and support to the NNSA Administrator and all NNSA elements worldwide.