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TEPS/BPA Information

The following information summarizes NNSA’s enterprise-wide, strategic sourcing initiative for obtaining technical, engineering and programmatic support services from seven Contactor Teaming Arrangements (CTAs). The seven CTAs were thoroughly vetted using a diligent evaluation process which included participation from evaluation team members representing three NNSA offices who played a key role in the source selection process.

The BPAs include:

  • Access to a stable of highly skilled professionals in wide range of skill areas and functional capabilities who are available to all headquarters and field offices. Each BPA has a potential value of $400M+ over five years. The seven CTAs have a combined potential capacity for $2.8B worth of effort.
  • Access to multiple Federal Supply Schedules (FSS) including Professional Engineering Services (PES Schedule 871 under NAICS 541330), the Management, Organizational, and Business Improvement Services (MOBIS Schedule 874 under NAICS 541611) and Environmental Services (ES Schedule 899 under NAICS 541620 & 562910). Services provided under these FSSs and BPAs include:
    • Program Management Support
    • Nuclear Engineering Subject Matter Expertise and Analytical Support
    • Training Support
    • Security Management Support
    • Emergency Operations (Domestic/International) Support
    • Nuclear Nonproliferation Support
    • Environmental Management and Sustainability
    • Access to a large contingent of qualified small businesses which helps promote SBA & OFPP initiatives to expand the use of multiple award contracts and strategic sourcing initiatives with a focus on small businesses.

Special Features include:

  • Seven small business-led teams;
  • Each team is required to obligate at least 50% of funding with small business task leads and ensure that at 50% of the cost of the contract performance is incurred by small business personnel, which is:
    • Tracked by reporting period and cumulatively over BPA’s life, and
    • Linked to Past Performance Assessment for future work.

CTAs include:

  1. Link Technologies (Link) (9 Team Members)
  2. Mele Associates, Inc. (MELE) (11 Team Members)
  3. Navarro Research & Engineering, Inc. (2 Team Members)
  4. S C & A, Inc. (6 Team Members)
  5. Systematic Management Services, Inc. (3 Team Members)
  6. TechSource, Inc. (Team E-TESA) (8 Team Members)
  7. Vector Resources, Inc. (VRI) (2 Team Members)

With 7 CTA Leaders and 41 Team Members, a total of 48 BPA Holders can provide contractual support, all of whom are considered small businesses.

Dynamic Team Arrangements include:

  • Annual BPA Review
    • BPA will be reviewed annually with possible reissue of RFQ to add BPA Holders;
    • Government not obligated to establish more BPAs;
  • Adding Team Members
    • Open Season — Government may add additional CTAs or allow existing CTA Leaders to restructure existing Teaming Arrangements
    • Open Season allows CTA Leaders add new Team Members, delete current Team Members, and/or otherwise revise teaming arrangement(s) to respond to future Order requirements.
    • Any team changes require a new or modified Contractor Teaming Arrangement Document signed by all members of the Team, which shall be submitted to the BPA contracting officer (CO) for approval
    • Team changes will be implemented by BPA modification signed by BPA CO


  • Ordering Activities shall issue Orders under the BPA pursuant to the procedures in FAR 8.4 and BPA Section 7.26
  • Contracting Officers (COs) from DOE or NNSA are authorized to issue Orders and obligate the Government under Orders awarded under this BPA
  • CO’s have the authority to use ANY socio-economic methodology
  • All BPA Holders will receive notification of each RFQ
  • CTA Leaders are responsible for managing their CTA when responding to RFQ Orders
  • Only one response shall be submitted per CTA

Invoicing & Billing:

  • BPA Section 6.12 Invoice Submission Procedures
  • Submit invoice through Oak Ridge Financial Service Center’s (ORFSC) Vendor Inquiry Payment Electronic Reporting System (VIPERS) or Financial Accounting Support Tool (FAST)
  • The Order Lead should submit supporting cost information