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National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

The NNSA Office of General Counsel’s Freedom of Information, Privacy Act, and National Environmental Policy Act (FOIA/PA/NEPA) Division provides NEPA services to the Office of the Administrator, including all organizations within NNSA.  The FOIA/PA/NEPA Division develops processes, policies, and procedures for the NNSA NEPA Compliance Program and provides guidance on matters of NEPA policy and execution throughout the NNSA complex.

Program Office NEPA Support

NA-GC’s NEPA Compliance Officers (NCOs), who work in the FOIA/PA/NEPA Division, are the NCOs for all NNSA Headquarters Program Offices, providing guidance and support; assisting with development of Program Office NEPA procedures; supporting integration of NEPA into the planning process; issuing categorical exclusion determinations; overseeing the development of NEPA documents; and developing policies, procedures, and guidance.

NEPA Compliance Officer Support

In addition to providing direct NEPA Compliance Officer (NCO) support to program offices within NNSA, we provide support upon request to Field Office NCOs in a variety of areas including, but not limited to:

  • Reviewing NEPA documentation and preparing determinations as needed during NCO absence
  • Supporting NCOs in resolving differences of opinion among multiple parties (contractors, management, other organizations, etc.) in NEPA-related areas
  • Reviewing Supplement Analyses, Environmental Assessments, and associated documents, including Management and Review Team membership
  • Facilitating adoption of other agencies’ NEPA documents
  • Assistance with scoping and development of NEPA documents
  • Supporting assessments, audits, and reviews of programs, procedures, processes (including Performance Assurance System and/or Contractor Assurance Systems)
  • Reviewing contractual documents to confirm consistency with NEPA regulations and orders
  • Providing general NEPA training,  assisting with development of site-specific NEPA training and assessing training programs

Environmental Impact Statements

The NA-GC FOIA/PA/NEPA Division provides substantial support to the environmental impact statement (EIS) process, including coordinating issuance of notices of intent, determining whether NNSA should be the lead agency, evaluating alternatives (including mitigation measures), providing recommendations to the Administrator regarding EIS approval, concurring on the environmental content, and coordinating with our attorneys regarding the legal adequacy of a record of decision.  Our division coordinates headquarters and program office review of EISs, including collaboration with the DOE Office of General Counsel.  As requested, we can provide guidance and support to the scoping, public involvement, and other processes associated with EIS development.