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NNSA Safety, Infrastructure and Operations

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Infrastructure plays a vital role in enabling NNSA’s multiple national security missions.  Specifically, NNSA infrastructure enables the efficient and effective delivery of mission; expansion of capabilities and production capacity; and ability to attract and retain new employees.  Furthermore, NNSA infrastructures can protect against safety risks to our workers, the public, and the environment.

Laboratory and Plant Employees

NNSA and its stakeholders employ some of the best and brightest scientists, engineers and professionals from across the nation. To counter workplace disruptions and ensure the continued productivity and success of its personnel, NNSA has implemented a project prioritization methodology that identifies the most pressing infrastructure investments that reduce the highest risks, including workforce ability to deliver mission.

 Size of the Complex

The NNSA is a vast and complex enterprise consisting of operational facility space equivalent to approximately six Pentagons and a land area roughly the size of Delaware. The power necessary to supply these facilities would also serve to power nearly a quarter of a million homes each year. This portfolio of assets is the foundation of NNSA’s ability to conduct its mission, and represents one of America’s premier assets for science, technology, innovation, and national security.

NNSA Packages and Materials Management:

Have you ever flown to the moon? Neither has NNSA, but NNSA packages do ship over 500,000 miles per year, which is approximately the distance required to fly to the moon and back. NNSA doesn’t only account for miles – NNSA tracks roughly 400,000 metrics tons of nuclear material transactions at any given time.