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Advanced Technology Development and Mitigation

The Advanced Technology Development and Mitigation (ATDM) subprogram includes laboratory code and computer engineering and science projects that pursue long-term simulation and computing goals relevant to the broad national security missions of the NNSA. It addresses the need to adapt current integrated design codes and build new codes that are attuned to emerging computing technologies. Performing this work within the scope of the DOE Exascale Computing Initiative (ECI) allows for broader engagement in co-design activities and provides a conduit to HPC vendors to enable next-generation, advanced computing technologies to be of service to the stockpile stewardship mission. Applications developers, along with computational and computer scientists, are to build a computational infrastructure and develop a new generation of weapon design codes that will efficiently utilize the hardware capabilities anticipated in exascale-class systems.  As part of this subprogram’s work scope, the ASC Program has engaged with the DOE Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research to address the barriers to exascale and evolving architectures.


The Advanced Technology Development and Mitigation subprogram mitigates the risk that the current codes upon which the NSE relies will not be able to effectively utilize future computing systems.

Next Generation Code Development & Applications

This subprogram is focused on developing new simulation tools that address emerging HPC challenges of massive, heterogeneous parallelism using novel programming models and data management. Modern codes will be developed through co-design of applications by laboratory scientists and engineers and co-design of computer systems by computer vendors. The end product of this work is a next-generation set of simulation tools that may complement and/or replace the current set of production tools for the Nuclear Security Enterprise (NSE).

Next Generation Architecture and Software Development

The Next-Generation Architecture and Software Development effort is focused on long-term computing technology research to influence the shift in computing technology to extreme, heterogeneous architectures and to mitigate its impact and advance its capabilities for ASC simulation codes. This work is done in tight coordination with the other ATDM product, Next-Generation Code Development and Application. Projects perform computer science research on specific programming model technologies and computer architecture features anticipated in exascale computing. Targeted at exascale-class systems, the software will be evaluated on interim advanced architecture test beds and production AT systems.

Inter-Agency Co-Design

Inter-Agency Co-Design will increase the capacity and capability of an enduring national HPC ecosystem via inter-agency collaborations with other U.S. Federal agencies. The projects will leverage NNSA HPC advanced architecture activities and software technologies to address the sponsor agencies’ mission needs. Agencies will also have the opportunity to participate in co-design activities with vendors and academia, in addition to workforce development and training opportunities.