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Russian Locations

The following are locations to which program participants will either travel or that they will encounter in reference to program activities and facilities.





Chernogolovka was founded in 1956 and has nine research institutes, two specialized laboratories, and an instrument-making factory, all belonging to the Russian Academy of Sciences. Scientific facilities include the following:


More information about Chernogolovka

  1. Wikipedia—Chernogolovka 




Ekaterinburg is an industrial city surrounded by five formerly secret cities of the nuclear archipelago:

  • Sverdlovsk-44 (now Novouralsk)
  • Sverdlovsk-45
  • Cheliabinsk-65 (formerly Cheliabinsk-40)
  • Cheliabinsk-70 (now Snezhinsk)
  • Zlatoust-36

More information about Ekaterinburg

  1. Ekaterinburg Information Portal







Location: Central Asia

Kazakhstan is an independent nation with extensive oil and gas reserves. Semipalatinsk was the site of above-ground nuclear testing. Kazakhstan has agreed to sell its stocks of weapons-grade uranium to the U.S.

More information about Kazakhstan

  1. CIA World Factbook—Kazakhstan
  2. NTI Profile—Kazakhstan





The town of Turaevo is part of Lytkarino and contains experimental units of Moscow research institutes: Trial Centre on the Test and Operational Development of the Air Installation, Research Institute of Devices, and the Lytkarino Factory of Optical Glass.

More information about Lytkarino

  1. Wikipedia—Lytkarino




Nizhniy Novogorod (Gorky)


Major local industries include production facilities for MiG fighter planes, automobile manufacturing by Gorky ActoZavod (GAZ), and ship and submarine building.

More information about Nishniy Novgorod

  1. Nizhniy Novgorod Visitor’s Web site
  2. Krasnoye Sormovo Shipyard









Novosibirsk is a regional transportation hub. It is 28 km from Akademgorodok, an academic think tank. It has 23 academic institutes.

More information about Novosibirsk

  1. Wikipedia—Novosibirsk
  2. Globosapiens—Novosibirsk







Location: Tomsk is 270 km northeast of Novosibirsk. It is near Tomsk-7, a weapons research center that was the site of a 1993 nuclear accident.

More information about Tomsk







Sarov is a city near the atomic research center at Arzamas-16, which is the home of one of Russia’s largest nuclear research centers, the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics (VNIIEF).

More information about Sarov

  1. VNIIEF site about Sarov





Snezhinsk (Cheliabinsk-70)


Snezhinsk, fifty miles south of Ekaterinburg, is the site of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Technical Physics (VNIITF), a design center for nuclear weapons

More information about Snezhinsk

  1. Nuclear Cities Initiative Web page—Snezhinsk







Urals Electrochemical Integrated Plant



Also referred to as the Urals Electrochemical Integrated Plant (UEIP)

The UEKhK is now Russia’s leading producer of low enriched uranium fuel for nuclear power stations. It originally produced weapons-grade uranuim, which it now reprocesses for use as fuel. Sverdlovsk-44 (now Novouralsk) grew up around the plant.

  1. NTI information about the UEKhK