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Institutional Research & Development

Mission Manage and evaluate NNSA’s Institutional research and development across NNSA, and ensure the leading edge scientific and technical capabilities of the Nuclear Security Enterprise are applied in response to national security needs. Above Image: In resonance ionization mass spectroscopy (RIMS) at a collaborator’s facility, laser light tuned to uranium resonances is used to determine a uranium sample’s isotope ratios—important signatures of where and how the material was made. This work furthers one of the project’s goals—to develop a new RIMS capability for determining a nuclear material’s origin far more quickly than is possible now.


The Office of Advanced Simulation and Computing and Institutional R&D, a program office part of the NNSA Office of Defense Programs, advocates for and manages NNSA’s Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) and Site Directed Research and Development (SDRD) Programs, with SDRD work performed at the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS).  This includes providing strategic R&D guidance and support, working jointly with NNSA leadership to ensure the complex’s vitality in meeting national security missions as an integrated national security enterprise, and advising NNSA senior leadership on issues and matters related to R&D. 

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