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Collaboration Topics - Acceleration Hardware and APIs

This work explores areas of common interest in programming models for the coming exascale era. Initially, the intent was to aggregate NNSA and CEA lab's work in this area into a common repository. Early work will focus on low-level application programming interfaces (APIs), micro-benchmarks, and mini-applications. Work in the out-years will include APIs and languages that provide higher levels of abstraction.


1)  Los Alamos rewrote, and posted as open source, a CUDA version of the CEA mini-app: codehydro.
2)  Sandia published a technical report analyzing mini-apps and their representation of characteristics of actual production codes.

Links and References

The Los Alamos GitHub site is at
The Los Alamos co-design site is at

Lawerence Livermore's LULESH proxy app is at
Lawerence Livermore's co-design site is at

The Sandia Mantevo mini-apps are at
CEA's open source repository is at