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Collaboration Topics - Meshing

This work focuses on automatic algorithms for 3-D mesh generation and their extension to scalable parallel environments.  The objective is to explore new theoretical advancements and develop new algorithms in mesh generation that will lead to practical advances in automatic meshing with an emphasis on all-hexahedral mesh generation technology.

The development of technologies to facilitate model preparation for analysis such as CAD support for meshing and geometry simplification are also within the scope of this joint work.


We have established a working technical collaboration for the exchange of ideas in the area of mesh generation research.  This has included several short stays of 1 to 2 weeks of visiting technical staff to the U.S. and France where new ideas have been explored and advanced.  In addition, several peer reviewed technical papers co-authored by CEA and NNSA technical staff have been published.  Co-Sponsorship of international conferences, such as the October 2011 Paris, International Meshing Roundtable, involved both CEA and NNSA and helped foster exchange of ideas to a broad international audience.

Links and References

Programs at NNSA and CEA laboratories continue to sponsor and advance technical work that leverages ideas developed through this collaboration.

The CUBIT Geometry and Meshing Toolkit (, a product of Sandia National Laboratories, is one example.