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Collaboration Topics - Visualization

This collaboration area focuses on visualization and data analysis and centers on the open source development of the Visualization Toolkit (VTK), which forms the basis of our customized visualization and analysis tools (ParaView, VisIt and LOVE). We are partnering on common VTK needs and working on methods for visualizing and analyzing data on advanced architectures that are memory and I/O constrained.


1)  Portions of the CEA visualization tool LOVE were contributed as Open Source Plugins to ParaView.
2)  Multi-resolution display capabilities were added to multiple customized visualized tools allowing users to visualize large data sets on small computational resources.
3)  In situ visualization and analysis capabilities were delivered to users throughout NNSA/ASC and CEA/DAM.
4)  Several core algorithms were implemented for general-purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPGPU) architectures. A number of papers were written describing the results.

Links and References

More information can be found about VTK at
More information can be found about ParaView at
More information can be found about VisIt at