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Law Enforcement & Emergency Management Liaison

Law Enforcement and Emergency Management Liaison

OST Liaison initiatives are aimed at Federal, state, tribal and local agencies and involves interactions with law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency and hazardous material responders, dispatchers, and military personnel that may be in contact with a classified shipment or have to respond to an emergency involving cargo in OST custody. This interface extends across a majority of the 48 continental states, but particularly focused on primary and secondary routes used between customer facilities.

Map of customer facilities and OST Federal Agent Operating Commands

What to expect in the future?

OST is in the process of developing outreach mechanisms in order to increase the accessibility to  training, education and awareness on who OST is, what OST does and more importantly, identify when OST and YOU will need to work together to solve the transportation accident problem involving OST cargo.

Web Based Training (WBT). Once completed, this new online system will be able to facilitate username/password log-in capabilities allowing access to the WBT. Four training modules will provide an interactive learning environment which is supplemental to a face to face briefing. OST will encourage all first responders to take a look at the modules and pass the information along to any interested stakeholder.

To contact the Liaison Operations Program Manager:


Phones: 505-845-4488 or 505-553-0405

Links to programs where OST training is offered: