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Photo: DARHT's Accelerators help create the x-rays at DARHT, the world's most advanced radiography facility.

Research and Development Facilities

Research and Development manages and oversees the operation of an exceptional suite of science, technology and engineering facilities that support and further the national stockpile stewardship agenda. Of varying size, scope and capabilities, the facilities work in a concert to accomplish the following activities:

  • Annual assessment of the stockpile in the face of increasing challenges due to aging or remanufacture,
  • Reduced response times for resolving stockpile issues,
  • Timely and certifiable completion of Life Extension Programs,
  • Future physics design and certification capability as required to anticipate and respond to technological changes, and
  • Recruitment, training and retention of technical and design staff that can support the stockpile into the future.

A partial list of Research and Development’s preeminent, world class facilities, some of which are shared with the Office of Inertial Confinement Fusion, are listed below. Select the link to learn more about that facility.