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Los Alamos Neutron Science Center

LANSCE provides the scientific community with intense sources of neutrons supporting both civilian and national security applications.  The principal sponsors of LANSCE include the DOE, NNSA, Office of Science and Office of Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology. Users conduct research at state-of-the-art facilities within LANSCE.  These facilities include the Isotope Production Facility (IPF); the Lujan Neutron Scattering Center (Lujan Center); the Proton Radiography Facility (pRad); the Ultra Cold Neutron Facility (UCN); and the Weapons Neutron Research Facility (WNR).  The work conducted at LANSCE supports many parts of the Stockpile Stewardship mission, including classified research on stockpile components for NNSA laboratories, certification research, critical nuclear data for improved understanding of weapons system performance, materials science research, and development of tools for nuclear forensics.