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2015 HEDLP Awards

Institution PI Title
Harvard College Jacobsen, Stein From Z to Planets: Phase II
Princeton University Fisch, Nathaniel Fundamental Issues in the Interaction of Intense Lasers with Plasma
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Petrasso, Richard Studying Hydrodynamics, Kinetic/multi-ion Effects, and Charged-Particle Stopping in HED Plasmas and ICF Implosions at Omega, Omega-EP and at the NIF     
University of California, Los Angeles Joshi, Chand Development of a Broadband (40-80 KV), Directional X-ray Source Platform for Radiography of HEDP Targets
Polymath Research Inc. Afeyan, Bedros Continuation of Statistical Nonlinear Optics of High Energy Density Plasmas: The Physics of Multiple Crossing Laser Beams
Cornell University Greenly, John Magnetized High Energy Density Plasma Flows Drive By Skin Effects 
University of California, Los Angeles Mori, Warren Continuation of the Application of Parallel Kinetic Simulations to Laser and Electron Transport Through High Energy Density Laboratory Plasmas
University of Nevada, Reno Safronova, Alla Line emission from high-Z multiply ionized ions influenced by dielectronic recombination and polarization
The Johns Hopkins University Stutman, Dan Development of Talbot-Lau Phase-Contrast X-ray Diagnostics for HED Laboratory Plasmas
University of Michigan Drake, R Paul Center for Laser Experimental Astrophysics Research (CLEAR)