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2012 NLUF Awards

National Laser Users’ Facility Grant Program

                                    FY13-14 NLUF Grants

Principal Investigator


Project Title

R. Petrasso


Studies of laboratory astrophysics, inertial-confinement fusion, and high-energy-density physics with nuclear diagnostics

R. Jeanloz

Univ. of California, Berkeley

Journey to the center of Jupiter, recreating Jupiter’s core on Omega

R. P. Drake

Univ. of Michigan

Experimental astrophysics on the Omega Laser

T. Duffy

Princeton Univ.

Dynamic compression of Earth and planetary materials using Omega

A. Spitkovsky

Princeton Univ.

Generation of collisionless shocks in laser-produced plasmas

P. Hartigan

William Marsh Rice Univ.

Astrophysical dynamics in the laboratory: mach stems and magnetized shocks

R. Stephens

General Atomics

Investigation of the dependence of fast-electron generation and transport on laser pulse-length and plasma material

F. Beg

Univ. of California,

San Diego

Systematic study of fast electron energy deposition in imploded plasmas with enhanced EP laser contrast and intensity

W. Fox

Univ. of New Hampshire

Dynamics and instabilities of magnetic reconnection current sheets in high-energy-density plasmas

H. Ji

Princeton Univ.

Study of particle acceleration and fine-scale structures of collisionless magnetic reconnection driven by high-energy petawatt lasers

R. Mancini

Univ. of Nevada, Reno

X-ray spectroscopy of polar direct-drive implosions at OMEGA using spectrally-resolved imaging

B. Qiao

Univ. of California,

San Diego

Dynamics of high-energy proton beam focusing and transition into solid targets of different materials

L. Willingale

Univ. of Michigan

Intense laser interactions with low density plasmas using OMEGA EP