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Research Areas

National Laser Users’ Facility Grant Program
Research Areas

The research tools and resources of the Omega Laser Facility, and the Laboratory for Laser Energetics, are available to National Laser Users’ Facilities (NLUF) scientists for state-of-the-art basic research experiments in laser-matter interaction and related diagnostics.  This includes, but is not limited to, inertial fusion, high energy density physics, plasma physics, spectroscopy of highly ionized atoms, laboratory astrophysics, fundamental physics, materials science, biology and chemistry.

Basic research is defined as research directed toward increasing knowledge in a particular field of science.  The primary aim of basic research is a fuller knowledge or understanding of the subject matter under study, rather than any immediate application of that knowledge.

For more information on the NLUF program, the capabilities of the OMEGA (including OMEGA EP) laser system, and the updated users guide can be found on the NLUF website.