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Radiological Security

The  program collaborates with domestic and international partners to address the threat of illicit use of high-priority radiological materials in the United States and abroad. The Radiological Security program accomplishes its mission by removing and disposing of excess or orphaned radioactive sources; promoting the replacement of radioactive sources with non-isotopic technologies, where feasible; and increasing security where high-priority radiological materials are still required.

Key initiatives that fall within the Radiological Material Removal program include:

  • Working in cooperation with Federal, State, and local agencies, and private industry to recover and permanently dispose of disused and unwanted radioactive sources in the United States.
  • Training law enforcement personnel, on site guard forces and Radiation Safety Officers on how to properly respond to the attempted theft of a radioactive source at its Alarm Response training course at Y-12.
    • If you would like to learn more about NNSA’s alarm response training, click here
  • Recovering and securely dispositioning excess, disused, unwanted, or abandoned radioactive sources domestically and overseas.

Learn more about how NNSA manages the risk today with international partners.

If you would like to learn more about NNSA’s recovery of disused and unwanted radioactive sources or register your devices with NNSA for recovery, please click here.