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International Nuclear Safeguards

Challenge: Detect/deter undeclared nuclear materials and activities.

Solution: Build capacity of the International Atomic Energy Agency and Member States to implement and meet safeguards obligations.

The Office of International Nuclear Safeguards develops and supports the policies, concepts, technologies, expertise, and international safeguards infrastructure necessary to strengthen and sustain the international safeguards system as it evolves to meet new challenges.

Programs in the office work with the National Laboratories, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and with international partners to:

  • Develop and strengthen policies to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of international safeguards;
  • Develop, mature, and transfer safeguards tools, technologies, and approaches to improve the application of safeguards at current and future fuel cycle facilities;
  • Attract, train, and retain safeguards professionals for employment at the National Laboratories and the IAEA; and
  • Improve the implementation of comprehensive safeguards agreements and Additional Protocols by foreign partners.