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Nuclear Safeguards

With the increasing number, size, and complexity of nuclear facilities deployed worldwide, the widespread entry into force of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Additional Protocols off site link, and the emergence of new proliferation threats from both state and non-state terrorist actors, the current demands on the IAEA safeguards directorate far exceeds its resources.

At the same time, the current generation of safeguards technologies is becoming outdated and the safeguards “human capital” base is aging and shrinking.  As nuclear energy continues to expand, opportunities for proliferation will multiply and the gap between IAEA needs and resources will grow wider.

To confront these challenges, NNSA has launched the Next Generation Safeguards Initiative focused on revitalizing the U.S. safeguards technology and human capital base to ensure that we have the authorities, capabilities, technologies, expertise, and resources needed to meet current and future challenges.  NNSA seeks to coordinate and implement a dedicated program focused on developing advanced safeguards approaches, technologies, and equipment that will cultivate a new generation of specialists with expertise in a broad range of safeguards-relevant disciplines.


More About Nuclear Safeguards

NNSA Next Generation Safeguards Initiative

Next Generation Safeguards Initiative Inaugural Conference

  • Remarks off site link by Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman
  • Remarks off site link by Senator Richard Lugar
  • Remarks by Conference Chairman Adam Scheinman

Draft GNEP Nonproliferation Impact Assessment
Read the draft Nonproliferation Impact Assessment for the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership Programmatic Alternatives This is a link to a PDF document..