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Office of Nuclear Warhead Protection

The Office of Nuclear Warhead Protection (ONWP) is tasked with improving the security of 73 Russian Ministry of Defense (MOD) nuclear warhead sites, including 39 Russian Navy sites, 25 Strategic Rocket Forces sites, and 9 sites of the 12th Main Directorate.  In accordance with the Bush-Putin Bratislava Nuclear Security Initiative, security upgrades at these sites are on track to be completed by the end of 2008.

ONWP coordinates with the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) to complete security upgrades at Russian MOD sites proposed pursuant to the Bratislava Nuclear Security Initiative by the end of 2008.  ONWP is also cooperating with DOD on developing a Personnel Reliability Program and a support structure for long-term sustainability.

ONWP employs a three-phased implementation strategy:

Initial rapid upgrades:  This phase is to be completed within a six-month time frame, without going through an extensive design process.  Examples of rapid upgrades include a new passive fence, armored guard towers, hardened doors and windows for buildings, and protective force equipment.  If the site is deemed to have sufficient vulnerabilities to warrant further upgrades, comprehensive upgrades will be installed.

Comprehensive upgrades:  The next phase targets all areas of a site that need improvements based on site vulnerability assessments and specific upgrade designs. Because the scope of these upgrades is more extensive and involved, comprehensive upgrades usually require 24 months or more to complete.  Comprehensive upgrade examples include perimeter intrusion detection and assessment systems, guard and access control buildings, central alarm stations, and vehicle inspection areas.

Sustainability:  The final phase begins upon completion of upgrades. Sustainability work is geared to ensure performance testing and preventive maintenance of the installed systems, in addition to providing for major repairs if needed. The ultimate objective of the sustainability phase is to provide a mechanism that gradually transfers responsibility for maintaining the security systems to the Russian MOD.