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What Are the Other Uses of NMMSS?

U.S. Department of Energy / U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Nuclear Materials Management & Safeguards System

What Are the Other Uses of NMMSS?

Other uses are made of NMMSS data and listed below. Changing government programs and political events can expand the user community and alter report distribution patterns. Typically, however, those listed below are long-term users.

The DOE financial community uses NMMSS data in asset valuation. Reports are provided to offices that have nuclear material values on the books and auditors, in turn, obtain NMMSS financial and inventory reports for use in conducting annual reviews of those financial statements.

Recent government decisions have led to initiatives in consolidating and disposing of nuclear material inventories and deactivating production programs. NMMSS reports are useful to materials disposition staff, in concert with materials management staff, in planning long-term disposal actions.

The historical data in the system is useful to commercial concerns under government contracts, tasking them to research material activities of closed facilities. Issues relating to decommissioning and decontaminating of facilities with potentially hazardous legacy materials require access to detailed historic data, and the NMMSS is a ready source of this information. In many instances, very old facilities have no records dating back far enough to reveal the extent of activities conducted at those sites, so in many cases, the NMMSS becomes the only source of that information.

NMMSS data is also useful to government waste management programs and inquiries. Although the NMMSS does not currently contain nuclear waste data, it does contain data on normal operational loss, measured discard, and accidental loss. Material discard data is reported for discards into the atmosphere, ground effluents, ponds or lagoons, and transfers to a holding area for possible off-site disposal. It is likely that this use of NMMSS data will increase as scrutiny of nuclear waste sites increases.

NMMSS is sponsored by the Office of Materials Integration within the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission