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2014 User Training Meeting Presentations

Monday, May 12
Pete Dessaules, Brian Horn - Introduction/Operational Update – Serving the DOE and NRC Users Community
James Crabtree - NMMSS Analysts available onsite to support the DOE and NRC Users Community
Richard Meehan - NMMSS in Context – Enhanced Material Protection and Nonproliferation Practices
Gary Hirsch - Analysis and Feedback on NMMSS Performance
Mitch Hembree - Challenges Related to Obligations Accounting
Gary Hirsch - U.S. Reporting to the IAEA
Mary McConnell, John Ballard - Tips for Successful Reporting to NMMSS by NRC Licensees and DOE Contractors
James Crabtree, John Ballard - Training Opportunities
Barry Cooney - NMMSS Working Group – Reactor Subcommittee
Rosemarie Martyn, Julie Hawkins - NMMSS Working Group – Foreign Obligations
Pete Dessaules, James Crabtree, NMMSS Analysts - Interactive Session on NMMSS Fundamentals (Including SAMS)

Tuesday, May 13
Pete Dessaules, Brian Horn - Welcome and Introductions
Richard Meehan - NNSA and NRC Programmatic Perspectives
James Andersen - NNSA and NRC Programmatic Perspectives
Professor Frank N. von Hippel - Keynote Speaker
James Warden - U.S. Nuclear Cooperation Agreements and their Relationship with the U.S. Nuclear Industry
Scott Slavens - Sensitive Material Export Crimes and Enforcement
Cindy Vestergaard - Governing the Front End of the Fuel-Cycle
Lauren Gibson - NRC Update – Fukushima Lessons Learned
Joel Grimm - U.S. Needs for Critical Radioactive Isotopes
Andy Imboden - Update on NRC Waste Confidence Rulemaking
William Wanderer - DOE HEU Purchase Agreement Update 
Thomas Morello - Industry Recent Submittal of a Security Frequency Asked Question (SFAQ) to the NRC
Pete Dessaules,Brian Horn - Awards and Recognitions

Wednesday, May 14
James Andersen - Restart of the Review of the Yucca Mountain License Application
Thomas Morello - Details on the SFAQ submission to the NRC, the SFAQ process and expected future actions involving the SFAQ submission
Chris Wolff - Status/Update on efforts to renewal of ANSI 15.8  
Paul Goldberg - Increasing Security of Category 1 and 2 Radioactive Material within the United States
Irene Wu - NRC Update- National Source Tracking System
Amy Johnson - Lessons Learned associated with Obtaining License for a New Enrichment Plant
Gary Langlie - NRC Report to U.S. Congress: High Enriched Uranium
Paul Adam, Suzanne Ani, Brian Horn - NRC and Industry Roundtable Discussion
Suzanne Ani - MC&A Responsibilities at the NRC

Thursday, May 15
Jessica White-Horton - Emerging Technologies to Improve Accountability and Safeguards
Mitch Hembree - Foreign Obligations Process and Communication
Gary Hirsch - NMMSS Experience and Lessons Learned Associated with Transit Matching
Mary McConnell, John Ballard - Overview of DOE and NRC Reporting to NMMSS– Similarities, Differences, and Challenges
John Ballard,Carl Berger - Preview of DOE and NRC NMMSS Training Courses
James Crabtree - Continuous Improvement