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2005 NMMSS Users Training Meeting

U.S. Department of Energy / U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Nuclear Materials Management & Safeguards System
2005 NMMSS Users Training Meeting

NMMSS is sponsored by the Office of Materials Integration within the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission




NMMSS Brochure

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Zip File of All Presentations

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Waste Reporting in NMMSS (Peter Dessaules)

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NMMSS Year in Review (Brian Horn & Larry Harris)

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NRC Other Issues

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NMMSS Operations (Dan Collier)

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NMMSS Upgrade (Peter Dessaules)

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NMMSS Upgrade - SRS (Dan Farmer)

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NMMSS Upgrade - NAC (Mitch Hembree)

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Unified Reporting Instructions For NMMSS

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Unified Reporting DOE/NRC Comparison

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Revising NMMSS Reports - (Juan Subiry)

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One-Time Reconciliation of Materials (Tina Barnett)

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DOE Reconciliation Changes Under Consideration (Tina Barnett)

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Reconciliation Process and Improvement (Ron Bonifay)

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Lessons Learned at Closure Site (Brenda Douglass)

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Update of the NMMSS D-24 (Ron Bonifay)

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D-24 Newsletter Special Edition (Jessica Norles)

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SRS - Comp Codes and Materials Management (Jeff Allender)

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Improving Nuclear Material and Radionuclide Data Management In A Post-9/11 Environment (Len Myers)

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Implementation of Equipment Based Obligations Lessons Learned (Mark Laidlow)

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Changes to DOE Directives (Debarah Smith)

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Obligations Fuel Fabricators (Rose Martyn)

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Obligations Notification Process (Brian Horn & Patrica Tana)

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Improving the Timeliness and Accuracy of NMMSS (Timothy Beckham)

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Error Rate and Timeliness Statistics (Eric Hill)

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Power Reactor Reporting (Martha Williams)

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NMMSS Role in Safeguard Information (Gary Hirsch)

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ANSI -N15.8 {REG. Guide 5.29} (Frank Fresella)

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SAMS for Windows (Sam Brown)

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