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2006 NMMSS Users Training Meeting

U.S. Department of Energy / U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Nuclear Materials Management & Safeguards System
2006 NMMSS Users Training Meeting

NMMSS is sponsored by the Office of Materials Integration within the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Attachment Size
NMMSS Brochure 158.48 KB
NMMSS Agenda 80.09 KB
30 Years of Service (Timothy Beckham) 60.26 KB
ANSI Regulations Guide (Frank Fresella) 43.47 KB
Federal Information System (Rusty Babcock) 79.86 KB
SRS - Foreign Obligations (Obie Cramer) 532.45 KB
Reduced Closing Times (John Ballard) 20.56 KB
SRS - Reconciliation (Fay G. Armstrong) 50.93 KB
NMMSS Data Quality (Brian Horn) 35.6 KB
Reconciliation (John Ballard) 23.53 KB
The MOX Adventure (Tamara Reavis) 94.86 KB
The Department Of Energy Nuclear Material Control and Accountability Quality Panel (Gary Kodman) 33.49 KB
Disposition Planning (Dale Dunsworth) 231.7 KB
Welcome and Year in Review (Brian Horn) 55.94 KB
Non-Reportable Balances (Juan Subiry) 95.73 KB
Report Distribution (Juan Subiry) 187.29 KB
Negative Balances (Juan Subiry) 127.24 KB
Nuclear Fuel Cycle (Dan Collier) 670.54 KB
NRC Reconciliation Improvements (Ron Bonifay) 53.62 KB
Open Transactions (Ron Bonifay) 51.59 KB
Reconciliation Training (Ron Bonifay) 1.42 MB
Project Numbers (Tina Barnett) 45.5 KB
International Reporting - Country Reporting (Michelle Romano) 79.65 KB
Changes to DOE Orders (Tina Barnett) 58.5 KB
Item Level Obligation Tracking (Rose Martyn) 37.64 KB
MC&A at Power Reactors (Martha Williams & Dori Votolato) 45 KB
MC&A Planning for Yucca Mountain (Thomas Pollog) 448.18 KB
National Source Tracking System (NSTS) - (Paul Goldberg) 114.25 KB
Proposed Changes To NUREG/BR-0007 Rev 5 (Chris Graves) 54.96 KB
NMMSS Upgrade: Changes to D23 and D24 (Rick Renshaw) 34.37 KB
Ex. Physical Inventory XML 1.35 KB
Ex. Transactions XML 2.15 KB
Ex. Material Balance Report XML 927 bytes
NMMSS Upgrade Impact (Sam Brown) 35.31 KB
SAMS Training (Sam Brown) 44.42 KB
Precision and its Mostly Adverse Impacts on Reporting (Barry Cooney) 67.72 KB
NMMSS Upgrade Progress (Dan Farmer) 369.63 KB