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2008 NMMSS Users Training Meeting

U.S. Department of Energy / U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Nuclear Materials Management & Safeguards System
2008 NMMSS Users Training Meeting

NMMSS is sponsored by the Office of Materials Integration within the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Attachment Size
Agenda 1.06 MB
NMMSS Orientation (Brian Horn) 74.39 KB
U.S. NRC's Preparations for Implementing the Additional Protocol (Thomas Grice) 137.11 KB
LANMAS Presentation Slides - WSRC Nuclear Materials Cost Module 32.19 KB
LANMAS Presentation Slides - MASS Replacement Project 86.08 KB
LANMAS Presentation Slides - v3.2a Installation Tip 28.07 KB
LANMAS Presentation Slides - LANMAS Current Service Request Status 13.85 KB
LANMAS Presentation Slides - Status Totals 23.06 KB
Welcome Presentation (Pete Dessaules, Brian Horn) 168.7 KB
NMMSS Transition Plans (Ray Holmer) 148.75 KB
NMMSS Upgrade Parallel Testing (Mitch Hembree) 158.55 KB
Impact on Data Submitters of New Rules and System (Pete Dessaules, Brian Horn) 171.75 KB
Impact on Data Submitters of New Rules and System (Sam Brown) 182.58 KB
NMMSS Update Status (Jerry O'Leary) 46.51 KB
The Nuclear Renaissance (Felix Killar) 375.16 KB
NMMSS Focus and Achievements (Dan Collier) 180.57 KB
Communication with NMMSS (Tina Barnett) 164.83 KB
National Source Tracking System - NSTS (Paul Goldberg) 112.61 KB
NMMSS Reports (Ron Bonifay) 267.44 KB
Historical and Continued Use of NMMSS Project Numbers (Len Meyers) 178.63 KB
Foreign Obligations at DOE Facilities (Karen McCulloch) 805.24 KB
Department of Energy Reporting of Radioactive Sealed Source DOE N 234.1 (Len Myers) 193.84 KB
DOE Nuclear Materials Management (Dale Dunsworth) 201.95 KB
Changes to DOE Policy Related to NMMSS Reporting (James Crabtree) 256.69 KB
Final Rule: Regulatory Improvements to NMMSS (Brian Horn) 67.89 KB
Foreign Obligations Notification Process (Santiago Aguilar) 98.98 KB
Elimination of 80-Column Reporting (Neil Passman) 249.18 KB
D-24 Industry Standard for Reporting Itemized Obligations (Sam Brown) 166.47 KB
Changes to NUREG/BR-0006 and NUREG/BR-0007 (Brian Horn) 67 KB
Revision of ANSI N15.8 "Nuclear Material Control Systems for Nuclear Power Plants (Thomas Morello) 212.89 KB
Ownership Codes (Pete Dessaules, Brian Horn) 165.26 KB
Quad Meetings & New Agreements for Cooperation (Jessica Norles) 187.27 KB
SAMS Upgrade Demonstration (John Robichaux & Dan Farmer) 70.5 KB
Validation of Historic SNM Isotopic Calculations (William Murphy) 864.68 KB