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Administrator's Update - October 2014

This month, we gathered all of NNSA’s Senior Executive Service leaders together for a productive and valuable set of discussions on the strategic direction of NNSA. At this offsite meeting, leaders from several different government agencies shared their best practices to being a high performer on the annual “Best Places to Work” survey.  We also held breakout sessions devoted to communicating effectively, driving a performance-based culture, fostering effective leadership, and developing a strategic plan.

This is not the first time NNSA’s senior leadership has addressed these issues. Much work has already been done on identifying and addressing enterprise-wide problems that need attention. We are now in a position, however, to move from having high-level discussions to identifying concrete, actionable solutions, and bringing these measures to closure.

Thus, the final product of this meeting will be an action plan detailing steps NNSA’s leaders can implement in the next 120 days. This plan also kicks-off an effort to update the NNSA Strategic Plan. We want all employees of the nuclear security enterprise to be involved in developing the strategic direction of NNSA, so there will be several opportunities for you to share suggestions and ideas in the weeks to come.

Your leaders are focusing their efforts on making the nuclear security enterprise a great place to work, which is an absolutely paramount part of achieving our enduring national security mission and taking care of our people.

Frank Klotz

“Mission First, People Always”