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Aspiring SRS professionals clean up

Members of the Aspiring Mid-Career Professionals (AMP) at the Savannah River Site took to the streets to clean up a roadway near SRS as part of their commitment to the local community.

AMP’s Outreach Committee chose the Adopt-a-Highway program as one of its activities for the year, selecting a 2-mile stretch of road beginning just outside the SRS barricade. Seventeen volunteer members gathered and, after the distribution of reflective safety vests and protective gloves, filled 13 bags with the litter they found by the road. As adopter of this stretch of road, AMP will conduct pickup days twice a year.

The stretch of Atomic Road was chosen because it's right at the site boundary and is what people first see as they approach the site.

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions launched AMP in April of this year to provide mid-career professionals – those with five to twenty years of work experience – a forum for professional networking and opportunities for career growth and development.

About the photos:
Aspiring Mid-Career Professionals members receive cleanup tools, helpful materials, reflective vests and a safety briefing prior to beginning work.

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Aspiring Mid-Career Professionals members clear debris from Atomic Road near the Savannah River Site boundary.

 Aspiring SRS professionals adopt, clean up road

Aspiring SRS professionals adopt, clean up road