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Carol Sohn named Deputy Manager at Nevada Field Office

Carol Sohn is the new Deputy Manager for the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Nevada Field Office. 

Ms. Sohn has an extensive background in nuclear safety analysis and nuclear materials processing.  Ms. Sohn obtained her BS in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University.  She also completed her Masters of Science in Management from the Purdue Krannert School. 

Prior to joining the Nevada Field Office Ms. Sohn served on assignment to the Office of Science as their Senior Nuclear Safety Advisor responsible for establishing nuclear safety policy, safety culture monitoring, interface with the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board and overseeing nuclear safety operations for the Office of Science.  She recently served on a detail to NNSA as the Acting Deputy Manager for the Nevada Field Office where she made gained valuable insight of the missions under the purview of the Field Office and used her experience to help drive key improvements in operations conducted at the Nevada National Security Site.  Other notable achievements include receipt of a Secretarial Award of Excellence for her contribution to the Argonne National Laboratory Nuclear Footprint Reduction, and identification of significant nuclear safety and conduct of operations issues at New Brunswick Laboratory in 2014 that resulted in a major overhaul of management, oversight of the facility, and conduct of operations leading to improved operations of the laboratory. 

Her career started at Los Alamos National Laboratory working in plutonium processing at Technical Area 55.  In 1995 she became a DOE employee with the Richland Operations office.  In 1999, Ms. Sohn transferred to the DOE-Oakland Operations office as their Senior Nuclear Safety Advisor for oversight of the nuclear facilities at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Ms. Sohn transferred to Pacific Northwest National Laboratories in 2006 and helped revise the Preliminary Hazards Analysis for the Capabilities Replacement Laboratory.  Following this task she served on assignment to the Office of Science as the Office of Science Senior Nuclear Safety Advisor. 

At the Nevada Field Office Ms. Sohn will be responsible for providing executive leadership and mentoring in operational oversight to a diverse set of technical and professional employees responsible for overseeing a wide range of national security missions.  Key emphasis areas will include continued improvement in performance oversight, operational excellence, and cultural improvements.

The Nevada Field Office is responsible for the Nevada National Security Site and its national security work.