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College students get glimpse at career in nuclear security

Miami University students listen to Dr. Rodriguez discuss the importance of “finding where your heart is” in the workplace.

Where to go to college, what to major in, which internship to apply for—these choices can weigh heavily on young minds. At this time of uncertainty, advice from those who have successfully navigated the (sometimes winding) path toward a fulfilling career can be welcome support.

Students from Miami University of Ohio recently visited NNSA’s Washington, D.C. headquarters for a special presentation on “Transitioning from College to the Professional Environment.”

Dr. Rude explains interview strategies to Miami University students.

The university’s career center sponsors a trip each year for students who are unsure of their professional goals. Our nation’s capital was the choice this year as it would allow students to learn about a variety of private sector companies and government agencies. 

NNSA’s Chief Learning Officer Dr. David Rude led two panel discussions for students that covered job interview preparation and potential opportunities for NNSA careers. Nearly fifty percent of the NNSA workforce will be eligible for retirement in the next five years.

Dr. D. Mischell Navarro, NNSA Human Resources Director, told the students,

“In the interview, if it comes across that you are enthusiastic, eager, and a team player, you get a lot more points than somebody who comes across as kind of neutral. I would rather hire somebody who has less skill and a better attitude than somebody who has tremendous skill, but a poor attitude. It will take me a lot longer to fix that in my organization.”

Dr. Navarro explains to Miami University students what she looks for in a new hire.

Dr. Viviano Rodriguez, a personnel psychologist and Program Manager for Competencies and Career Paths spoke about his winding career path that eventually led to his current position. “With NNSA, I finally found a job that I love. It’s really important to find where your heart is. I used to hear ‘find the job that you like and then it’s not work’ and it’s so true. I’ve been working at NNSA for one year and I love it” said Dr. Rodriguez.

A look at the transitioning from the college to the professional environment curriculum