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Don Cook tours Y-12's analytical chemistry labs

Dr. Cook

Don Cook, NNSA’s Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs, toured Y-12's analytical chemistry labs during a visit to Y-12 National Security Complex yesterday.

Y-12's analytical chemistry work is highly technical and essential for worker safety, the nation's nuclear deterrent, and global nuclear nonproliferation efforts.

Cook toured Building 9995 to see Y-12's analytical chemistry capabilities first-hand. The building dates to the 1940s and has been expanded and retrofitted for its current work. Cook also discussed how a portion of the lab's function will be re-established in less space with new equipment in the new Uranium Processing Facility (UPF).

Plant Lab Manager Tom Oatts, at right, discusses lab operations with (from left) Steve Goodrum, NNSA's assistant deputy administrator for Stockpile Management; John Gertsen, B&W vice president of UPF programs; Dan Hoag, acting Y-12 site manager; and Cook.