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Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award recipients

Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award recipients

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu recently awarded the recipients of the 2011 Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award for their outstanding contributions in research and development supporting the Department of Energy and its missions. Three recipients from Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos national laboratories were among the nine winners. Recipients in each category received a gold medal, a citation and $20,000.

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About the photo (from left to right)

Riccardo Betti, University of Rochester; Paul C. Canfield, Ames Laboratory; David E. Chavez, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Amit Goyal, Oak Ridge National Laboratory L; Secretary of Energy Steven Chu; Mark B. Chadwick, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Bernard Matthew Poelker, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility; Lois Curfman McInnes, Argonne National Laboratory; Barry F. Smith, Argonne National Laboratory; and Thomas P. Guilderson, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory