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Fellows look to the future

Fellows intently listen to what the National Laboratories have to offer

Motivated graduate students interested in a career in nuclear security looking for both experience and a full-time job might want to look into the NNSA Graduate Fellowship Program (NGFP).

The current class of NGFP fellows recently participated in a two-day Career Development Workshop, sponsored by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and NNSA's Office of Learning and Career Management. The annual event provides practical guidance and best practices for continuing success after the fellowship concludes. 

Fellow Mareena Robinson contemplates her future

Leaders from NNSA headquarters, the national laboratories, and private industry shared job application / interviewing tips and potential hiring opportunities. The knowledge learned will help the current fellows as they advance in their career and continue their journey in nuclear security.

Frank Lowery, Deputy Associate Administrator for Management, addressed the group in a special welcome at the beginning of the workshop. 

"This event is designed to help you advance in your career. This diverse and agile class of fellows has trained and left a positive impact within every mission space of NNSA," Lowery said.

Dr. Nina Rosenberg of Los Alamos National Laboratory

Dr. Nina Rosenberg of Los Alamos National Laboratory offered up some encouraging news when she explained that the lab added about 1,000 staff members in fiscal year 2017. Better yet, she revealed that Los Alamos lab expects to hire nearly twice that number by 2022. 

When asked about a method for knowledge transfer as the current workforce retires and takes their expertise with them, Rosenberg said this issue is something the Lab is very deliberately paying attention to. She went on to explain initiatives across the laboratory to address that concern, such as interviewing employees for video archives and efforts that pair new hires with employees getting ready to retire.

Dr. Robert S. Maxwell of  Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Dr. Robert S. Maxwell, division leader for materials science at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, reminded the fellows that the labs explore many research areas, including some areas that can reach across topics. 

"High performance computing crosses all of our programs. We use those computers not only to understand weapons performance, but also to inform our nuclear counterterrorism and nonproliferation activities, energy security and climate science, and cyber, chem and bio security," said Maxwell.

Dr. Holly Dockery of Sandia National Laboratories

Dr. Holly Dockery of Sandia National Laboratories spoke of the advantages of living and working in Albuquerque, NM and Livermore, CA. She also explained how the cultures of the two lab locations are both attractive, whether you prefer green chile or vineyards. 

"We support essential research and discovery activities that translate into invention, innovation, entrepreneurship, economic opportunity, and public benefit," said Dockery.

Rear Adm. Randall M. Hendrickson, Associate Administrator for Management and Budget, also offered up some advise for the current fellows as they embark on their future careers.

"I encourage all of you to take advantage of the rich network you developed during the program and recognize the opportunity you have to continue to make a difference to our nation's security," Hendrickson said.

Colin Sanders and Leeann Griego of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Other speakers included: Ian Brandt of Kansas City National Security Campus, Katherine Bachner of Brookhaven National Laboratory, Dr. Jeffrey Johnson of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and both Colin Sanders and Leeann Griego from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.  

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