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Four of Popular Science's 100 best innovations from Los Alamos, Sandia, Livermore

Popular Science lists three of 100 best innovations from Los Alamos, Sandia

Four of Popular Science’s 100 best innovations from 2013 are from NNSA national laboratories. Los Alamos National Laboratory’s MiniMAX was recognized in the Security category as the world’s smallest, most portable X-ray machine. Sandia National Laboratories was recognized in the Engineering category for its fiber-optic network, the world’s largest high-speed LAN, and in the Security category for its non-detonable fertilizer formula. Ammonium nitrate fertilizer was used in most of the IEDs found in Afghanistan. A Sandia engineer developed a fertilizer that uses iron sulfite in the mixture, suppressing detonation. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory was recognized for creating the first-ever retinal prosthesis, or bionic eye.

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