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Introducing the Official NNSA Blog


I’m excited to welcome you to the new blog of the National Nuclear Security Administration.  I want this to be a unique place for you to hear from some of the dedicated men and women who help keep our country safe, protect our allies, and enhance global security every day.

We have a lot of interesting content to share.  As we work to lock down dangerous nuclear material across the globe and execute our nonproliferation mission, we will give you an inside look at some of the challenges we face and how we overcome them.  As we continue to develop cutting-edge science and technology in support of our stockpile stewardship mission, we will share those innovations and what they mean for our national security.    And as we modernize our enterprise and make critical investments in our future – whether the MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility in South Carolina, CMRR in New Mexico , or UPF in Tennessee – we will share our progress along the way.  

This will also be a place for you to learn more about the important work NNSA is doing to prevent terrorists from acquiring a nuclear weapon, to prepare to respond to a nuclear emergency anywhere in the world, and to ensure that American sailors and submariners reach their destinations safely and reliably in ports across the globe.  

I’m committed to posting notes here as often as I can.  And I’m sure you’ll be hearing from Neile Miller, Principal Deputy Administrator, very soon.  

President Obama has laid out an ambitious nuclear security agenda, and thousands of people across the country are working hard to implement it as I type this.  This will be a place to tell their stories , and I hope you’ll read along.