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KCP highlights first part production

The first Kansas City Plant employees were hired in March 1949 and were faced with the task of getting the former Navy aircraft engine plant at the Bannister Federal Complex ready for its new role. First on the checklist was the removal of tons of sugar and tires being stored at the facility by a former tenant. By April 19, three machines had been wired and were ready for operation.

Three short days later, on April 21, the first part – an ordinary machined bushing – was produced. That simple part was the forerunner to the highly sophisticated and complicated components built in the years that followed.

This year, the National Nuclear Security Administration celebrates 65 years of dedication to national defense at its facilities in Kansas City, Missouri. While much has changed in the world in past six decades, KCP’s mission to deliver safe, secure, and reliable products is still the same.

KCP highlights first part production