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KCP relocates 18-ton machine

As part of the Kansas City Plant’s relocation, a massive 18-ton 5-Axis Horizontal Mill was recently moved from the Bannister Road location to the new National Security Campus in South Kansas City, Mo. It is just one of the 3,203 pieces of capital equipment that is being moved during one of the nation's largest industrial relocations.

It took nearly three days to disassemble the machine and prepare it for transport. The machine was partially disassembled, removing auxiliary pieces from the main part of the machine, so the pieces could be moved separately. A wall also had to be removed to make an opening wide enough to get the machine through.

The mill was loaded and ready to move from Bannister at 8 a.m. and by lunchtime that day, it was in place at the NSC. The machine will undergo laser alignment and build test parts around mid-June. It will be ready for production again at the end of July.

KCP relocates 18-ton machine