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LANL highlights explosives work

For more than 70 years, Los Alamos National Laboratory has been a frontrunner in explosives research, development and applications. To highlight the LANL’s work in the field of explosives, the Bradbury Science Museum in Los Alamos is opening a new exhibit titled “The Science of Explosives” on Sept. 18.

The exhibit shows in pictures, words and videos how decades of cutting-edge research has made the Laboratory a worldwide leader in explosives applications. It will feature LANL’s work with explosives, from synthesis of new molecules to waste treatment. The exhibit also examines a variety of scenarios with many applications, ranging from explosives assessment and lethality to detonation and wave physics and blast effects.

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About the photo:
A typical explosives experiment fired in front of the PHERMEX bunker produces a brilliant fireball long after the hydrodynamics measurements have been recorded. PHERMEX was the location for more than 1,000 hydrotests and was the premier radiographic test facility during the Cold War.

LANL highlights explosives work