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LDRD symposium focuses on materials in extremes, big data, and energy use impacts

The annual Laboratory Directed Research and Development program update was held this week in Washington, D.C. Experts from NNSA, Nevada National Security Site and Sandia, Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos national laboratories attended and shared insights on successful projects and ongoing research. This year’s highlighted subject areas were Materials in Extremes, Big Data to Decisions, and Energy Use Impacts and Mitigation.

Keynote remarks were presented by:

Robert Meisner, Director, NNSA Laboratory Directed Research and Development/Site Directed Research and Development Programs
William Priedhorsky, LDRD Program Director at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Sheryl Martinez, LDRD Program Director at Sandia National Laboratories
William Craig, LDRD Program Director at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

More photos on NNSA's Flickr.

LDRD symposium focuses on materials in extremes, Big Data, and energy use impact