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Livermore hosts workshop to highlight high performance computing

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory recently held a workshop focusing on how high performance computing can accelerate the development of new energy technologies. The activities are part of NNSA’s Livermore Valley Open Campus.

Under a pilot program called the “hpc4energy Incubator,” U.S. energy companies are using some of the world’s fastest supercomputers and collaborating with LLNL technical experts to design a cleaner, more efficient combustion engine; improve gas drilling technology; better analyze energy use in buildings; and make the electric grid more reliable. The "hpc4energy incubator" workshop represented a new way for industry and government labs to work together on problems of national importance.

Dimitri Kusnezov, NNSA's Chief Scientist and director of the Office of Science and Policy, delivered opening remarks at the workshop on the challenges facing U.S. competitiveness and the importance of leveraging national laboratories to meet broad national needs. Participants included energy industry executives and project technical leads from Robert Bosch LLC, GE Energy Management, GE Global Research, ISO New England, Potter Drilling, Inc., and United Technologies Research Center.