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LLNL director honors R&D 100 award winners

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Director Parney Albright recently honored LLNL scientists and engineers who won six R&D 100 awards for 2012 at a reception at the Livermore Valley Open Campus.

LLNL served as the principal developer for four of the awards, while the other two were joint submissions with individual Laboratory researchers.

Before noting that the R&D 100 awards, often called the "Oscars of invention," are international awards, Albright said the lab performs amazing scientific and engineering feats every day and it's fantastic to receive unique external recognition like the R&D 100 awards.

Read more. See more photos here.

About the photo: The LEOPARD (Laser Energy Optimization by Precision Adjustments to the Radiant Distribution) technology has been developed to enhance the operability of laser facilities. Shown are members of the team.

LLNL director honors R&D 100 award winners