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Los Alamos Field Office Safety Systems expert earns DOE award

Los Alamos Field Office Safety Systems expert earns DOE awardDOE recently awarded Chris Fischahs of Los Alamos its annual Safety System Oversight (SSO) Award. At the time of the award, Fischahs was an SSO staff member of the Safety Evaluation Team at NNSA’s Los Alamos Field Office.

The award is national recognition of the extensive safety systems oversight Fischahs performed in 2013 and the resulting improvements in operational safety at Los Alamos National Laboratory. His operational awareness and oversight activities consistently provided Los Alamos Field Office managers with accurate, objective information on the performance of safety systems. 

Examples of his oversight activities in 2013 were four vital safety systems assessments that led to safety improvements; input to a federal-integrated project team that led to improved safety systems designs for the LANL Transuranic Waste Facility project; participation in an important federal operational readiness review; and cross-cutting assessments of engineering processes and procedures that resulted in improved overall performance of all safety systems at LANL.