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Los Alamos scientists selected as American Chemical Society Fellows

Rebecca Chamberlin and Donivan Porterfield, both of Los Alamos National Laboratory’s (LANL) Actinide Analytical Chemistry group, have been selected as 2014 Fellows of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

A specialist in inorganic chemistry and radiochemistry, Chamberlin is currently the co-principal investigator for the development of novel microreactor-based systems for plutonium process chemistry and one-step extraction and separation of rare earths at LANL. She is also managing the startup of newly-constructed nuclear material analysis laboratories in the Radiological Laboratory Utility and Office Building.

Porterfield is a radiochemist engaged in research and development and analytical services supporting stockpile stewardship and nuclear forensics and nonproliferation. His work includes plutonium heat source fabrication for deep space exploration and national security applications, nuclear material safeguards, radiobioassay, environmental monitoring and more.

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